Reliv Independent Distributor

Kalogris Donation

Now it’s easier than ever to give back and help provide nutrition to malnourished children all over the world through the Reliv Kalogris Foundation! All donations are tax-deductible to the extent the law allows. 

Option 1: Make a Cash Donation

For every dollar donated to the foundation, you will receive an equal amount in points (e.g. $20 = 20 pv). No BV or Distributor discounts applied. 

Option 2: “Now We Can” Donation Pack

By choosing this package you will be donating $60 to the Foundation, providing nutrition to 12 children for one month! What an amazing impact you will have for just one donation!

  • Your monthly credit card charge will remain unchanged.
  • Each Pack will be 100 PV/60 BV/60 RV — no discounts will be applied.
  • No sales tax and no freight will be charged for this pack.
  • This continues to satisfy your monthly PVQ.
  • Non-MAs may also purchase and donate the pack!